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Razi Khaddage, B. Eng.
March 17, 2021


Discover Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a highly effective pain treatment, non-invasive and non-surgical solution for musculoskeletal pain. This extracorporeal shockwave therapy is frequently used in physiotherapy, orthopaedics and sports medicine for pain relief.


Available at OrthoCanada, BTL shockwave therapy applications are most widely used by healthcare professionals for chronic muscular and tendon disorders, back and neck pain. Most common indications include: painful shoulder, epicondylitis, low back pain, Achilles’ tendon pain, patellar tendonitis and trigger points.


How BTL shockwave therapy works

A series of low-energy acoustic waves are pulsed directly on a person’s injury or painful area. A gel medium is applied to the patient’s skin prior to treatment.


The pulses contribute to triggering biological effects, which lead to the regeneration of tissue—and faster, long-term healing. Most treatments with shockwave therapy don’t require prolong recovery periods.


BTL Shockwave Therapy Highlights

Curious to know more about OrthoCanada shockwave therapy for clinics? Make sure you read the following articles. They are key if you are looking to offer shockwave therapy, assessing how affordable it can be,  these are must reads! We’ve even put a handy link to our BTL Shockwave Trial Program!



 shockwave1shockwave2-1shockwave trial


"Having shockwave therapy definitely is an advantage in terms of treatment results and also an attraction to the public, since people are usually looking for new treatment options."

- Darren Chuang, Bsc PT, CGIMS, CAFCI, CGTTP Physiotherapist/Clinic Director, pt Health



BTL-6000 Shockwave Therapy Devices


"The BTL 6000 Shockwave is a state-of-the-art compact shockwave unit with an output to match or exceed most other units on the market. It's very durable and will yield fantastic results for all your patients suffering from chronic conditions. Although issues are rare, the after sales service offered by BTL is unmatched in the shockwave industry."

- Razi Khaddage, B. Eng. Director of Capital Equipment Sales & Service


For more information about the BTL 6000 product line, click here.



Shockwave Therapy Brochure 

 Download for FREE


Free Webinar in Canada

Want an expert’s take on shockwave therapy in Canada? Register for a free webinar with Rosen Kolev, PT, MSc, an experienced physiotherapist with vast expertise in orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, and Razi Khaddage, BEng, OrthoCanada’s biomedical engineer, teach you the essentials of getting BTL Shockwave up-and-running in your clinic in no time.

Radial Shockwave Training Essentials



Shockwave Canada Training Course Description

This training session is intended for healthcare professionals who need more in-depth knowledge and practice on integrating shockwave therapy in their clinic’s treatment options.

The objective is to provide the clinician with the necessary tools and techniques to feel comfortable and confident using this modality in their everyday practice and to get the best results for their patients.



Shockwave Therapy FAQ


Q: What type of conditions can be treated with shockwave therapy?

A: Shockwave therapy is a highly effective modality for the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions. Conditions frequently treated are tendonitis, bursitis, calcium deposits, trigger points and soft tissue tightness. Shockwave treatments should only be administered when musculoskeletal conditions are in the sub-acute or chronic stage. Shockwave therapy should not be selected when treating acute conditions.


Q: Are all radial shockwaves units the same?

A: No, they are not. There are two technologies that exist that have considerable differences: compressor driven units and electromagnetic driven units. It’s very important to understand the differences between both technologies prior to purchasing a unit. Selecting the wrong technology will result in poorer treatment outcomes and higher maintenance costs. Contact OrthoCanada to determine which technology is right for you.


Compressor driven units, like the BTL 6000 Easy and Topline Power units, offer a higher intensity acoustic pulse, which means that they will be more effective at penetrating and reaching the deeper structures (like the piriformis muscle). They will also more efficiently break down scar tissue and calcium deposits. Compressor driven units are less costly to maintain. Only the projectile needs to be replaced within the applicator once a certain number of shocks have been administered.


Electromagnetic driven shockwave units offer a lesser intensity than compressor driven units. Since the depth of penetration is directly correlated with the intensity, electromagnetic units will not effectively reach the deeper structures. They are also more expensive to maintain. The entire applicator needs to be replaced once a certain number of shocks have been administered.


Q: How many applicator transmitters are included with the BTL shockwave unit and how do I select the right one?

A: There are 3 standard transmitters that are included with the purchase of a BTL shockwave unit:

  • 15 mm Focused Transmitter: For targeted applications
  • 9 mm Multi-Focused Transmitter: For acupuncture points and precise applications
  • 15 mm Multi-Focused Transmitter: A universal transmitter that can be used for all applications.


Q: How many shocks should be applied during a treatment?

A: The number of shocks applied during treatment will depend on the patient’s pain tolerance and the size of the area being treated. Larger treatment areas will require a larger number of shocks to be administered. Between 2000 to 8000 shocks are typically applied in one session.


Q: Is the BTL Shockwave unit portable?

A: Yes, it is. The BTL Shockwave unit has clinical strength and is light enough to use as a portable unit. A soft or hard carrying cases can be purchased for transporting the unit.


Q: How do I test my shockwave’s output?

A: With the applicator in a vertical position, place a drop of gel on the tip of the transmitter. Then, set the shockwave to its lowest intensity and turn it on. Once started, touch the gel only (not the transmitter) with the tip of your index finger. If you can feel the acoustic wave penetrate your finger through the gel, the applicator and projectile are sound and ready for use.


Q: Can we try the BTL Shockwave unit?

A: Yes, we offer a 3 week trial program for clinic owners that are interested in adding this modality to their practice.


Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes, we do. It’s important that clinicians know how to administer a shockwave treatment and feel confident when doing so. Whether you are leasing, buying or trialing a BTL Shockwave unit, OrthoCanada offers clinical training for clinicians. We have physiotherapists on staff to support and answer any clinically related shockwave questions.

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