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Tammy Boucher, BSc. PT
May 01, 2023

How to choose between massage oil, lotion, and cream


Hmmm, oil, lotion or cream?  Different types of massage require different amounts of glide on the surface of the skin. The selection of a massage medium depends on how much glide is needed. Choosing the right medium will have a direct effect on how successful the massage treatment is.


Massage oils
Massage oils are thin lubricants, have the lowest viscosity and the most glide. They’re liquidy & slippy and are typically the product of choice for superficial massage where long gliding strokes are needed.  Massage oils have little grip on the surface of the skin which don’t make them an ideal solution for deep massage. They don’t absorb as quickly compared to lotions and creams which means that they don’t need to be reapplied as often. Leaves behind an oily residue. 


Massage lotions 
Massage lotions are typically made of a combination of water and natural oils. They have a higher viscosity than massage oils which means they’re a thicker medium. They offer less glide than massage oils and are absorbed by the skin more quickly – reapplication is needed more often than oils. They provide more friction/grip/drag against the skin than massage oils during treatment and are better suited when deeper work is needed. They also don’t leave the residue that massage oils leave behind.


Massage creams
Massage Creams have the highest viscosity and are the thickest medium available. Therefore, creams are typically packaged in jars and squeeze tubes – they can’t be pumped like oils and lotions. They offer the least amount of glide and the most amount of grip and drag on the tissues. Ideal for very deep work where therapists need to focus on specific areas and dig deep. They also don’t leave the residue that massage oils leave behind.

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