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March 18, 2021

K-Tape My Skin x Pivot Dancer



pivot dancerPivot Dancer is founded by physiotherapists Dinah Hampson and Geneviève Renaud. It is a knowledge sharing platform which provides evidence-based content and service to the dance community. 


We are sport physiotherapists. Our careers have blended our personal dance training with our professional skills resulting in clinical practices working with artistic athletes in high performance. Dance, figure skating, gymnastics, diving, artistic swimming, the circus arts and musical theatre all have an aesthetic component to them. The judges and the audience visually assess the movement and artistry in combination with the skills performed.

Part of our role as physiotherapists is to protect against injury and provide all the support we
can to the athlete so that they can focus on performing at their best. Tape has a long history of being used by therapists and athletes to support joints and soft tissue, reduce pain and control swelling.


IMG_3259Throughout our careers, we have used make-up to “paint” tape in order to camouflage taping techniques. Think about the time and energy devoted to composition, choreography, costuming, lighting to produce perfect artistry; to then have an eyesore of white tape or beige that just isn’t the right neutral ruining the lines and distracting the audience. While the tape is helping the athlete perform, mentally it is a blight that focuses the observer's attention on the sprained ankle or sore shoulder. In the words of The National Ballet of Canada’s Selene Guerrero-Trujillo: “To have skin tape that will match more skin tones is one of those small victories that will not go unnoticed. It will certainly save dancers’ time using make-up to disguise tape and it won’t be distracting from the dancing.”

We are so thrilled to now have access to K-Tape “My Skin” in 5 different tones. We breathed a
sigh of relief knowing that we can provide the best taping techniques without having to worry
about hiding the tape! Dancers and athletes no longer have to choose between support and
aesthetics, and never have to worry about the audience’s experience. They are free to focus on their skill, technique and joy of performance.

Dinah Hampson BA BSc.PT, FCAMPT, RISPT Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy
Geneviève Renaud BSc.PT, MClSc.PT, FCAMPT, RISPT Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy


Do you know Pivot Dancer offers weekly class and awesome complimentary training for both dancers and non dancers?  Check out their classes here.



Dinah and Geneviève are the co-founders of Pivot Dancer

*Content, photo and video provided by Pivot Dancer

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