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Chanel Gonzales
February 23, 2021

Behind the scenes of OrthoCanada's Solutions for the New Normal Campaign


How healthcare professionals can better adapt to the new normal with OrthoCanada


Healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists have been forced to rethink their practices in the wake of the global pandemic. They have had to manage pre-visit questionnaires, less staff, glass wall between staff and patients, face masks at all times, sanitizing between patients, and a myriad of other health and safety measures.


Adjusting how to run a clinic, following health and safety guidelines while dealing with this new normal can be challenging. Pre-pandemic, who would've thought that hands-on treatments performed by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists could become virtual?


With this new normal and our customers in mind, we asked our Co-President Alain Veilleux to explain the reasoning behind OrthoCanada’s Solutions for the New Normal campaign.


"It stands to reason that OrthoCanada’s Solutions for the New Normal campaign came out of necessity: the Covid-19 pandemic created a situation that nobody in our industry was prepared for. Our customers are therapists in clinics, in hospital settings, and even on the frontline. As a supplier of healthcare equipment and supplies, we decided to take charge of what we could during this unprecedented crisis and find solutions that would allow healthcare professionals to safely continue to provide treatments and services to their patients,” Alain explained.


OrthoCanada’s Solutions for the New Normal campaign was born.


“In creating the Solutions for the New Normal campaign, we had to adapt our normal way of working to create our catalogues,” said Alain. “Most of our staff was working remotely. We had to figure out how to safely conduct a photo shoot, for example, and how to effectively discuss concepts and proofs. We also had to assess procedures to get close enough to therapist and patient models for photography and makeup. We also evaluated what our contingency plans would be if our partners, such as our printers, couldn’t be open for business. However difficult this project was to bring to term, the end product in both French and English versions became a true reflection of the concepts we had envisioned and I am very proud of the final results."




The new normal

See the exact moment we got the cover shot!

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Choosing the right products for OrthoCanada’s Solutions for the New Normal campaign


With the concept in mind, OrthoCanada began the process of selecting the right products. It was extremely important for us that the person who led the product selection knew the

industry at heart. We turned to Tammy Boucher, our VP of Product Innovation and Development for insight and guidance.


"As a physiotherapist myself, I could see how COVID-19 was shaking up the profession and leaving my fellow PT colleagues stumped, in a panic, wondering what their next move was going to be and how they would survive through this storm,” Tammy said. “Offering tele-rehab was new to most and some lost their jobs. It was sad to see what was happening. This change motivated me to think outside the box and try to find solutions for therapists in the rehab industry. This is when creating product bundles came to mind.”


To help with patient care, Tammy selected a variety of products that address the treatment of common conditions. Our Home Exercise Bundles include products that help patients with pain control and help improve range of motion and strength. To assist therapists in starting their own practice on the right foot and affordably, OrthoCanada's Clinic Start Up Bundles feature a variety of equipment to fit everyone's budget during these difficult times.


OrthoCanada developed customized bundles depending on our customers’ healthcare practice:


Shop OC Bundles

Shop Physiotherapy Bundles
Shop Massage Bundles




OrthoCanada’s new virtual training offer


We also recently launched OrthoCanada Academy, which is led by our Director of Education & Special Events, Leigh MacKenzie. "After years of building K-Taping Academy Canada and Shockwave Training Canada, our team of instructors were scheduled to lead 40+ in-person courses and on track to train 400+ therapist for 2020. However, in March last year, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic changed in-person training and subsequently forced the cancellation of the remaining 2020 schedule,” he said.


Many of our therapist customers are increasingly looking to learn online. That’s why our team decided to create an innovative online solution to convert in-person sessions into live stream training. The main challenge was to find a format that would deliver the highly practical content (K-Taping and Shockwave training) into manageable sessions for the attendees to view, practice, and have the instructor assess their progress.


After months of redesigning the course content, hours of filming and editing, researching, and testing logistics, we came up with a live stream format, OrthoCanada Academy, that includes pre-recorded demonstrations guided by a live instructor. OrthoCanada Academy is hosted by the industry’s leading prestigious therapists and instructors to help reshape and further our customers education.


OrthoCanada's new Clinic Setup Solutions


For all clinic owners that want to open a new clinic this year, we are with you all the way. We've developed Clinic Setup Solutions with teams of experts and useful tools to help achieve your goal.

The New Normal is still taking shape, with the vaccine in play and rising customer expectations. We will continue to adapt our product selection in response to address healthcare professionals’ changing needs. At OrthoCanada, focusing on customer experience and creating innovative solutions is the centre of everything we do.


If you want to talk through any of the points in this article, please drop us a line. We'd be happy to help!


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