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Dany Lafontaine
January 13, 2020

The Doc's Take... - Vol 2: Your treatment table is an investment, not an expense!!!

It all comes down to price, or does it?




In many situations, negotiating the lowest price is good strategy.

Same thing when buying equipment for your clinic right? For certain products perhaps, but for the key piece of equipment you will use with ALL your patients, not so much. That’s the treatment table. If you opt for a bargain-priced table that is unreliable – it breaks all the time and makes a treatment room unusable - you’re missing out on revenue. That room becomes dead space until your table is fixed, which can take some time. Once outside the warranty period, repairs can get costly, making the bargain table less of a bargain in the end. Another consideration is that the price difference between a low grade table and a top quality table is measured in a few hundred dollars, which, over the life cycle of a table, makes the cheaper table even less of a good deal.


What to look for in a table

Quality components, assembly and the best warranty (lifetime on frame, 5 years on the entire table) are what made SEERS Medical the table supplier of choice here at OrthoCanada. All Seers Medical tables are laser welded and electrostatically coated for maximum strength and infection control. The steel tubing used in the table frames is 3mm thick, with interlocking components (like a jigsaw puzzle) ensuring the table’s durability, strength and static load capacity exceeding 1300lbs!! When equipped with the retractable wheel design, SEERS Medical tables only offer a single adjustable leg, since the three fixed legs are of the same length.


The articulated sections are equipped with anti-entrapment gas struts as a safety measure, enabling the sections to move up unassisted should something, or someone, be caught in the tables’ path on the way down. The anti-bacterial upholstery fabric used on these tables blows away the industry norms for durability with a 100,000 rub Martindale rating.


Where’s that pedal again?

Therapists know how frustrating it is when the height adjustment pedal is not where they need it, when they need it. This obviously affects their efficiency, but also the flow of their treatments. With the Perimeter Foot Switch option, that concern is eliminated as it is accessible 360 degrees around the table. Thanks to the motionless perimeter footswitch there’s no guesswork involved. No matter where you are around the table, light pressure on the top of the bar sends the table up while the same light pressure on the bottom of the bar brings the table down.


Stock is king

At OrthoCanada we try and maintain an appropriate volume of tables in stock so we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs. Of course, this limits your color options, but if you want to jazz up your clinic with custom colors, we can do that too, although it may take just a little longer.




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