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Tammy Boucher, BSc. PT
May 24, 2019

K-Tape by Kumbrink's Green Initiative


for the love of green

Right from that start, avoiding waste in both production and packaging, and therefore preserving resources and reducing greenhouse gases, has always been a key objective for K-Tape manufacturer Biviax GmbH & Co. KG. 


Only absolutely essential plastic materials are used in packaging for K-Tape and CrossTapes, as required for a Class 1 Medical Product for patient application.


Secondary packaging consists solely of non-laminated paper and cardboard. Neither sockets nor backing material used in K-Tape rolls are made of plastic. For these, although more expensive to produce, Biviax uses only environmentally friendly paper and cardboard.


In 2013, Biviax participated in the German ‘Dual System’ which allowed them to save 1,360.00 kg of CO2, 122,623 megajoules of primary energy and 225 kg of crude oil. This represents a saving in CO2 emissions equivalent to approximately 272 days of electricity consumption by a two-person household.


As well as continuing to optimise the products and packaging, the K-Tape manufacturer will plants trees to actively help the environment combat CO2. They view the tasks of “avoiding, recycling and planting” as key pillars on the path towards potential environmentally neutral production.


By choosing K-Tape, you make a significant contribution to these efforts.


Thank you!


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